20130120 Community, company and personal goals, preparing smart goals for Japan

Carly Cooper : Community, company and personal goal

Quoting her father “An idea without a plan is just a wish”.

We talked of how we can make the Unreasonable Community, our company and personal objectives converge and support each other. Also anticipating how we think our plans might fail, and work on preventing that from happening, transforming risks into opportunities. This was an exercise but really was extremely useful. From a blog reader point of view, this might sound extremely corporate but I think will benefit anyone to understand how we take our decisions along this voyage.

Our Unreasonable Community goals

Unreasonable Community Goals

Each company was asked 3 goals they have for the whole voyage. Interestingly, each company is looking for something rather different from others.


Our Company goals for the voyage

A : Business and strategy. How to have the biggest environmental and  market impact. That’s work we have to produce.

These are Protei goals while at Unreasonable :

1. Product : getting a precise idea of the product we will mass manufacture.
2. Commercial website to sell Protei.
3. Community website to centralise information about our technology, community and license.
4. Marketing communication : reaching out.
5. Business Strategy to make an Open Hardware for the Environment profitable / sustainable business.
6. Our organisation : explore and Understanding gobal and local demand in every port. From that : make strategic decisions answering as where to set our headquarters, R&D manufacturing, community. Our criteria for deciding where to set our headquarters would be :
( a. prototyping, b. manufacturing, c. access to water, d. costs of living, e. friers family, f. legal / banking / founding, g. language, h. community , networking, , inspiration, culture.)

B : Building Relationships

1. Connection to our community that will help us redefine the product and technology
2. Sponsors.
3. Partners : research, academics, non-profit
4. Manufacturing & Distribution : industroial
5. Potential Protei team members

C : Improving Protei Technology

1. build prototypes and testing them in different waters.
2. Field work : Plastic in Hawaii, radioactivity in Japan, lake pollution in India, Fisheries in Ghana, Water preservation in South Africa for example.


Personal goals

  1. Outline what is Open Hardware for the Environment as a sustainable and desirable business practice. Re-invent capitalism for the environment.
  2. Get to know more about the ocean and coastal residents.
  3. Build a strong relationship with my partner


Abby Lee : Smart Goals

Why goals?

Why is it important to set good goals?

  • It filters non-sense
  • It helps you focus on the most important. Time box things.
  • It constraint stimulates creativity

Smart Goals

  1. Specific :
  2. Measurable :
  3. Attainable : We want to make sure we can attain those goals in the space and time available.
  4. Result-Oriented : focus on results, not tasks. Focus on the goal, not on your method,  to get your impact.
  5. Time focused

Define : Protei goals before we reach Japan?

  1. Pitch. 6’40, 20 slides, 20 seconds. Rehearsed and powerful.
  2. Business documentation. 1, 2 pages to explain our technology, business, perspective and call for sponsors.
  3. Prototype : get one prototype functional to sail in in Yokohama and Tokyo Bay. Take pictures.
  4. Field work : Fukushima exploration. Visiting site, photo, measurements, local fishermen and manufacturing.
  5. Meeting Nissan
  6. Meeting Safecast
  7. Meeting with Qualcomm
  8. Meeting Tokyo University Research Lab
  9. Visit Akihabara Electric town
  10. Visit family
  11. Obtain medias coverage

Optionals (in the immediate but eventually mandatory) :

  1. Commercial and community Website
  2. Full business plan

I am sorry for the many bullet points, but we have so many things we want to achieve as a company and there is such little time. I hope this helps you understand better what the Protei team is about and what being part of a tech start up incubator is like.
I am very interested to revisit this list after important ports, see how many of our goals have been attained,  and perhaps redefine the goals.
I am now trying to make short “on the fly” blog post, that capture the energy and what’s happening right now on the Unreasonable at sea program, rather than waiting to digest the information and publish it later.


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