20130124 Prototyping Protei 10.4 and 10.5

We have finally been allocated a table in the ship to work. Immediately we have re-started prototype building. Several students are volunteering some of their time to help us move faster.


2 hulls have now been covered with fiberglass and resin, remains the electric control box, the mast and sails.

I slept 40 minutes last night and 2 hours the night before, I really need to catch up some sleep.
The few hours I sleep, I dream of testing Protei in the coastal waters near Fukushima power plant. Lots of work ahead.


Gabriella has been working on the electronics and making good progress. Stay tuned, we will assemble the machines shortly!

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  1. Hey guys, hope u will drop your goal with that project, u rocks !!! But stop drinking Coke, it’s bad for u’re health and for the planet ;) ^^

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