20140527 Protei at DimSumLab, Hong Kong HackerSpace

I am very excited to present Protei and recent Scoutbots developments at the Dim Sum Lab tonight.
These are my slides : http://goo.gl/HiWKH1

We are calling Hong Kong hackers to work with us :

  1. Web Development : Community website (currently on Grou.ps)
  2. Android robot Dev : Upgrade from RC hobby to Android powered boat
  3. Sensor Development : Plastic sensor in June (intensive)
  4. Sensor Development : Underwater Radioactive sensor (for Sept 2014)
  5. Finding a Sponsor : we need money (now :)
  6. Make your own boat / Buy your boat / document share (anytime)
  7. Help sea testing (starting again in July on larger boats)

Please get in touch : admin@scoutbots.com

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