20140728 Protei Scoutbots Progress Report

20140728 Protei Progress Report


How can I answer a simple question such as “How is Protei doing?”. We have come a long way. From a small garage in New Orleans during the BP oil spill, through the storm in the Pacific ocean and now in Hong Kong since last year. It has been 4 years. We are finally about to deliver all our Kickstarter rewards, as we promised. We are turning the page and starting a new chapter of this great adventure with Open Technologies, to explore and protect the oceans, together. This report should give you a good overview of our current situation, future strategies and hopefully make you want to engage more with us, as a sponsor, investor, partner, buyer, community or team member.

This is a google doc, please ask questions and add comments on it to help us improve, thanks a lot.

pdf archive (19mb) : http://protei.org/download/20140728Protei_Progress_Report.pdf

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