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Cute wooden hut for the elderly fair

Sometimes I really enjoy taking manual work. Especially it is for a good cause, and to help friends. I love woodwork, and when Yanki Lee, of Hong Kong Design Institute DESIS Lab proposed me the opportunity to build their fair booth at the Senior Expo Asia, I was excited. Also because I had already worked with them on a Social Architecture workshop and I just love working with this team :)

Wooden Hut for Hong Kong Design Institute
It was just a line drawing a few days ago…

And after 3 versions became a final design.

Asia senior expo wooden hut HKDI DESIS
Followed a lot of fresh dust in my shop over the week end :)

Asia senior expo wooden hut HKDI DESIS
Take an empty fair space…

Asia senior expo wooden hut HKDI DESIS
Assemble the pieces…

Asia senior expo wooden hut HKDI DESIS
And there you go!

Asia senior expo wooden hut HKDI DESIS
It is not the most intricate carpentry work I have done but it was really fun and fast. Special thanks to Guillaume Dupont for his precious help.

Tomorrow morning, many senior citizens will come and enjoy our booth. I like the space we have created is intimate yet easily readable, you can access it with a wheel chair as it’s got no step, it is wood : warm and so different from other’s booth where it’s all plastic and shiny. The fair will not last for long, only 3 days! If you want the wood, let me know – and if you do, be ready to wrestle with bad quality screws – they are easy to screw in, they easily brake when screwed out. The take down will happen Thursdy July 3rd, from 19:00. Come with a van and email me to coordinate.

Check out the really cool content of the booth too ! The very interesting work of these designers folks creative about the ageing society :



20140303 How to draw your life on one paper. Past, present and future.

Yesterday I was grateful to be a keynote speaker at the GIN852 conference. It was the very first time in my life I was asked to speak about my life path. Am I that old already? :)
I was  overwhelmed to share so much about myself, I never felt so vulnerable. I hope that was helpful for the students and inspired them to find the courage they have in themselves to pursue what they believe is worthwhile.

In the 45 minutes presentation I explained about  how to “Draw your life in one page” – which is explained in details in the video above. Over the past few years I developed and simplified a visualization method to map what you have done in the past, where you are now, and how to move on forward. The whole drawing exercise generally take about 30 minutes to do – maybe a little more the first time you do it. For me, it’s been a life changing experience that helped me :

  • gain clarity
  • improved my confidence to take hard decisions and
  • make my life more meaningful for myself, others and hopefully the world (I mean Nature in my case).

I hope it will help you make sense of it all.  As of today 2014 March 3rd, this is my life drawing. Please share your life drawing with me.

The “Draw your life in one page” slides are here:

The GIN852 slides are here (many are similar slides):

About GIN852 : Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action: Hong Kong-wide Global Issues Network conference will be hosted by ICS on March 1- 2, 2014. Follow us @GIN_852 Description For the past years, the Global Issues Network (GIN) has been an ambitious worldwide event that brings schools around the world together, with the goal of empowering young people to collaborate and create solutions for global issues. However, we believe that international solutions should begin locally. 852 is the area code and also a colloquial term for Hong Kong. Hence, GIN852 both embodies the original international focus of GIN conferences and our unique local context. International Christian School will be hosting the 2nd GIN852 conference on March 1st and 2nd, 2014. The theme for the conference is “Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action.” It is our hope that the conference will provide a great opportunity for students all over HK to work together, learn, and build valuable relationships. Follow us on Twitter @GIN_852 Subscribe to us at

Maker Faire SF 2013

You know when you meet good people. They do amazing stuff. They are happy. They share.

Pocket Solar Factory

Maker Faire SF 2013

Believe it or not, I bumped into these guys in the Caltrain!!! Yes. I recognised Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein of Haddock Innovation and I just went up to them, and after a few minutes proposed to help out on the MakerFaire.

What they were presenting was the pocket Solar Factory, video above explaining on kickstarter.

Maker Faire SF 2013

I helped on simple stuff, assembling the solar panels, soldering components, testing, teaching kids how to build solar roamers, trying to inform people and facilitate sales. Awesome day!

Maker Faire SF 2013

This is the amazing machine they made, a mini-factory line that fabricate on demand mini solar panels units with USB output to charge your mobile phone or anything you want.

Maker Faire SF 2013

People loved the stand, we had so many visitors! We had so much random fun !!!


Maker Faire SF 2013

My dear friends from OpenROV, Eric Stackpole, David Lang and Colin Ho were also there. Eric Stackpole was just on the cover of MAKE magasine #34 this month!

Maker Faire SF 2013

Kids were going nuts with the OpenROV swimming and squirting around!

Ship Model battle!

Maker Faire SF 2013

One of the other coolest  – a little bit traumatic to watch- was the (drum rolls) – MODEL BOAT BATTLE !!! They shoot real bullets! Welcome to America. They basically play until they sink each other!

Maker Faire SF 2013

Many of the people doing this are retired US navy dudes and their grandkids. What will happen when those guys get Protei in their hands?! I’m a little bit worried ;)

Flexible scooter

Maker Faire SF 2013

Maker Faire SF 2013

Meet the awesome Amy Qian. She was scooting around with a polycarbonate scooter she made! Fatigue what? No hinges, just a flexible piece of polycarbonate – same material as Protei hull, that’s how tough this material is!

Bilal Ghalib

Maker Faire SF 2013

It was good to catch up with Bilal Ghalib (GEMSI) and discuss about developing hackerspace in a container, an affordable mobile workshop to deploy for difficult areas at low cost. Bilal drew me in a great conversation with Bilal Ghalib, Mahdi Zahreddine, luke Iseman, David Munir Nabti, Habib Haddad. Here are some of the references we’ve shared on the topic:

There are lots of container architecture references out there, I’m investigating the business feasibility of the mobile workshop built in Shenzhen to be delivered all around the world.

I <3 MakerFaire. So much.

Maker Faire 2013 SF new friends video!

All videos by the awesome Bilal Ghalib at the Maker Faire 2013 San Francisco.

Partners in whatever Alex Hornstein + Shawn Frayne of the Pocket Solar Factory.

20130124 Protei presentation at Tokyo University

Protei at Tokyo University

I am very excited to announce that Protei will be presented January 28th, from 10:30 to 11:30 at Tokyo University, Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering. Building No. 6, Faculty of Engineerng, Hongo Campus
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656
TEL: +81-3-5841-6800 FAX: +81-3-5841-6803


Great thanks to Prof Alvaro Cassinelli for setting up this event.

Protei technology will be presented by both Cesar Minoru Harada and Gabriella Levine in english, some short part may be in Japanese, followed by Q&A. Free entrance.

20130124 Prototyping Protei 10.4 and 10.5

We have finally been allocated a table in the ship to work. Immediately we have re-started prototype building. Several students are volunteering some of their time to help us move faster.


2 hulls have now been covered with fiberglass and resin, remains the electric control box, the mast and sails.

I slept 40 minutes last night and 2 hours the night before, I really need to catch up some sleep.
The few hours I sleep, I dream of testing Protei in the coastal waters near Fukushima power plant. Lots of work ahead.


Gabriella has been working on the electronics and making good progress. Stay tuned, we will assemble the machines shortly!