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Map radioactivity around Fukushima in the Pacific Ocean

Because we have many simulation but almost no MEASUREMENTS of radioactivity in the ocean off the Japanese. We plan to be at sea from Oct 1st to 10th. This will be the 3rd time we work in Fukushima, this time with better instruments and partners.

Build a 2 sailors Protei

A ground-breaking machine! We’ll test the limit of speed and agility of the shape shifting sailing boat in extreme conditions (wind, waves, currents). With your help we hope to have it sailing before spring 2015 in Hong Kong. If you are a top sailor and you want to be our crash dummy – get in touch !

Thanks a lot for your support – it means the world to us!

Want to learn about environmental radioactivity? Here a class slides I give to Hong Kong kids full of videos!
Want to learn about the shape-shifting sailing robot physics? Or see at TED talk about it?

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