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Hello, my name is Cesar Harada, French-Japanese Ocean Roboticist and TED Senior Fellow. With my colleague Gabriella Levine of the Open-H2O community we are developing the Open Hardware Shape-Shifting Sailing Robot to explore and protect the Ocean called “Protei.org“. We have the extreme privilege to have been selected by the Unreasonable Institute to develop the next generation of business hoping to impact the life of millions, mentored by an astounding group of world-class entrepreneurs and leaders, from Matt Mullenweg (WordPress) to Nobel Peace Laureate and Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  the Vice President of Business Development at Google Megan Smith and many more. And like this wasn’t exciting enough, we will do all of this on a ship, sailing around the world for 4 months, stopping in the most significants ports, meeting potential sponsors, investors/partners, government representatives , academics, non-profits, environmental activists and discovering local cultures. Wow :)

This is one in a lifetime adventure, we want to take you with us.
We need your help, as translator.
Together, we can share this amazing journey and inspire more people. 

January 6th 2013, we will depart from San Diego, heading to Ensenada in Mexico, than to Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, debarking in Spain April 28th 2013 … See the map  here. If you are in one of these places, we would love to meet you and -if you like- feature you in the blog! The languages of the journey : English (source), French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Burmese, Malayalam (Cochin India), Afrikaans, Akan (Ghana), Arab. And I dream of : Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Russian, Dutch, Urdu,  etc : all languages are welcome !

I would write  a few times a week, posting fotos, videos and texts from the mentors presentations on the topics of entrepreneurship, environmental observations, notes about the development of our business and technology (we’ll work on Open Hardware instruments for environmental measurements), travel anecdotes from the boat and the land, some short interviews. I will publish the original blog posts in english, I have set up the system to be multi-lingual so your articles will be easily accessible. Just send me an email with the post translated – and I will copy-paste it, with your credits and links of course – What about starting by translating this one :) ?

If you have more questions, please comment below | if you want to be part of this, email me : contact@cesarharada.com, easy.

The ocean is where all life comes from and is also the future of our societies may it come to food, energy, transport, information and security. We are developing an Open-Hardware technology that we hope will be a game changer to study and protect the oceans.
It is going to be quite a journey. Be part of it.

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  1. We have now English (Cesar), Spanish (Sebastian), French (Hugo), Midori and Azusa (Japanese), Portuguese (Natalia) – YAY !!! But it is a good idea to have several people per language, so work can be reviewed, done collaboratively, socially :)

  2. Cesar, I just sent the Chinese translation for this one to your email.

  3. cesarharada

    Thanks a lot Jenny !
    I am on the boat, and I spent most of my night doing PHP, but I just messed it up. As soon as I can find a solution with WPML, I will post it for sure.

  4. cesarharada

    Dear Jenny ! I just fixed it! It’s 5:09 AM, it took me the whole night – but now it’s running smooth !!! I’m adding your work right now !!! Thanks a million again !

  5. yay! Welcome on board !

  6. Carla Matoses

    Cesar! amazing journey! are you passing by Shanghai? I live here!

  7. cesarharada

    Yes we are passing by !
    2*Actual arrival time may vary due to tides.
    Arrive: February 3, 09:00
    Depart: February 4, 20:00

  8. cesarharada

    Would you like to be added to the translator’s directory to receive insider news?

  9. cesarharada

    I also now changed and replaced the “traditional chinese” by “simplified chinese” – Thanks again !

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