Life in the New Territories

I love my new neighbourhood. I stay in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

When I was a kid in France, I was watching this animation on TV, cats living in a place when car carcasses are pilled up, just like here on street sides. I love it!

Ruggedised trucks

Ruggedised trucks
Industrial compounds all around.

Ruggedised trucks

Container-conversions as homes, offices. Dogs running free everywhere.

Ruggedised trucks

And this is just outside my doorstep. I’m feeling at home here. In Japan my family house is so similar. Industrial.

Ruggedised trucks
Can an environmental technology like Protei emerge from such a place? Let’s do this.

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  1. Jackfruit! Okay, I’m coming for a visit soon :)

  2. cesarharada

    yes! and that is right behind the house!

  3. my favorite fruit.. hehe

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