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Environmental Radioactivity, an audiovisual Introduction

"Green groups fear 'most dangerous' nuclear power plant on Hong Kong's doorstep" South China Morning Post


I now teach kids at the Hong Kong Harbour School. It is the first time I have taken a long term commitment (2 years) to teach classes to the young, before I was only teaching at master level in Europe. It’s not a smaller challenge. I have to teach differently. I have to explain things from scratch with non-technical words. I have to be super articulate and clear. And more importantly it’s got to be directly relevant to them, meaningful and rewarding at every step.

They will ask questions that will keep me awake at night. They deserve answers, but more importantly, they need to develop the capacity to inquire and propose their own answers, have their own opinions and strategies to affect change to society.

Radioactivity in Hong, Safecast Map, Mac App
Map by Safecast showing radioactivity in Hong Kong with the brand new Mac (free) app. Government data here.

The topic of environmental radioactivity is timely :

For the first class, I have prepared a slideshow with many videos. I have watched many crazy and inadequate videos and these are the most informative ones. More about environmental and marine radioactivity coming soon.

Share or watch in full screen :

What is the difference between “Collective Intelligence” and “Collective stupidity”?

Which one came first? Collective intelligence? Or collective stupidity? Are we getting more intelligent as a specie? Or are we destroying ourselves and the environment? Are other species smarter because they are not destroying themselves? Truth and science keep changing. What we claim true and “natural” one day is to be found untrue by the next generation. We can try our best, have the best intention, we still harm ourselves, others and the planet. Was the world a better place when “intelligent” being were not around? How can I know, how can we know we’re on the right path? Is collective intelligence the remedy to collective stupidity? Or the other way? What can individuals do? What can private companies do? If there is no clear answer, what is the right question to ask?

I was lucky to be invited by the Chalhoub group in Dubai to speak about “Collective intelligence” and share some personal and collective experiences I took part in. I am posting my slides here as I had many (174 slides!). Thanks to my speaker agency, the Lavin Agency.

I speak here about :

1. Connect yourself
Your life on one page

2. Connect others
Social architecture

3. Change the world
Collective stupidity
The ocean
Open source
Crowd funding, Crowd sourcing, global innovation network
Sailing around the world
Open Hardware for the Environment projects

4. The value of a team, teams values
Ups and downs
Yurt story
Mission : what we do
Luxury : excellence, against planned obsolescence, elegance, sustainability
Ethics : why we do it, how we do it
Family values, Bushido
Carolien Whaley (Nike Foundation)
Spirit : Team spirit, fairplay, pursue victory, accept defeat, humble, persistence,
Brainstorming rules

5. Value your team can create in society
Evolution of our society
Agriculture, Industry, Service, information, intelligence, wisdom, creativity

6. Why this is the greatest place in the universe
Geographical and values shift
Pioneer spirit
Limited ressources, unlimited possibilities
11’000 people team
Trust network

I was asked some interesting questions. The answers here are short edited versions of what I answered / or maybe what I wish I answered.

> Crowd sourcing is great but how do you moderate ideas?
_ Now of course, we need to manage budgets and deadlines too. So we encourage the bad ideas die as fast as possible, or are turned into good idea by experience, by learning. So, we  don’t moderate that much, the ocean moderates good and bad ideas. We encourage people to test ideas, good ideas lives, bad ideas die, natural selection. We are lucky that we can be nice and encouraging, the ocean can be unforgiving.

>Why dont you work with big brands?
_ We would love to work with brands – please introduce us :)

> How did you get to live on a rooftop in the middle of London financial district?
_ Because it is possible.
>It’s illegal no?
It is extra-legal – not illegal. It is a temporary structure and no one lives there permanently.

> What is the main strategy for collaboration?
_ The underlying most important narrative in collaboration is respect. If you talk to a 5 years old or to your boss, you want to give your full attention and respect to that person, like if that person was saying the smartest thing in the world.
In my case respect comes from curiosity. The best idea come from unexpected places. So you want to be humble and listen to  all. Let your open, loving and creative mind make decisions, not your prejudices.
In practice, we use some brainstorming rules :

  •  Be crazy. Everything is possible
  •  Build on each other ideas
  •  Quantity -> Quality
  •  Make, test, learn [repeat]

20140519 Cesar HARADA @ La Paillasse

Time : Monday, May 19at 7:30pm in UTC+02
Location : La Paillasse, 226 rue Saint Denis, 75002 Paris, France [map]
Language : French & English

Cesar Harada Masterclass @ La Paillasse Paris France

Cesar Harada 2010 - 2014
Above were my slides as a Prezi
We are delighted to present Protei at la Paillasse in Paris, one of the most exciting place in France for creative technologies. Come! Share :)

1- Contributeurs

  • César Harada : invité d’honneur
  • Clément Épié : co-organisation
  • Nicolas Loubet : co-organsiation
  • Quitterie Largeteau : documentation
  • Amandine Marty : documentation

2- Descriptif

Quoi : une masterclass d’une journée pour (1) découvrir l’univers de Cesar Harada (inventeur de Protei) (2) ouvrir les portes de l’écosytème ‘makers’ de Paris (Ile-de-France) à César.

3- Communautés

#Open hardware
#Crisis design
#Océan / écologie
#Bio hacking

4- Makerspaces

  • WoMa Paris (Guillaume Attal)
  • Ici Montreuil (Nicolas Bard)
  • EcodesignLab (v/ Gayané)

 5- Planning

  1. 9:00-12h00 : Test du Protei 011.1 dans l’eau avec 3 élèves ingenieurs de l’ESPCI (RDV 9:00 RER Parc de Sceaux)
  2. 12:00-13:30 : Déjeuner à La Paillasse
  3. 14h – 15:30 : Visite d’ICI Montreuil en compagnie de Nicolas Bard (135, bvd Chanzy, 93100 Montreuil)
  4. 15:30 – 16:30 Déplacement en metro
  5. 16:30 – 17:30 : Visite de WoMa Paris, en compagnie de Guillaune Attal (15 bis rue Léon Giraud, in Paris 19eme)
  6. 17:30 – 18:30 : Déplacement en métro
  7. 18:30 – 19:30 : Apéro à la Paillasse (226 rue Saint Denis, Paris). Chaque participant ramène à boire ou à manger / l’ensemble est mis en commun !
  8. 19h30 : Introduction par Thomas Landrain (président de La Paillasse)
  9. 19:45 : Interview de Cesar par le (super) blogueur Jean Noel Lafargue
  10. 20:30 : Keynote Cesar Harada
    Nairobi, Kenya. Ushahidi HQ.
    Boston, USA. MIT
    Definition of ethics
    New Orleans, Birth of Protei.
    London, Homelessness
    Savannah Ocean Exchange
    San Francisco
    Unreasonable at Sea
    Ocean issues & opportunities
    Hong Kong / Shenzhen
    Built of a office and workshop
    Running a business
    Open hardware / design
    Windtrain : Physics, low renewable energy vehicle
    Panthalassa : Ocean workhorse
    Method, plans
  11. 21:30 : Conversation sur le Futur de Protei and open hardware pour les oceans avec MarcTirel

20140422 Gamers controlling fleets of robots at sea? Protei at Polytechnic U. Hong Kong, Game Design Department

It’s a great pleasure for me to present Protei at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and brainstorm how Protei could be used by gamers.

  • Time : 19:00 – 20:00. Tuesday April 22nd, 2014
  • Location : V1124, School of Design, The Jockey Club Innovation Tower. Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Below are my slides :


Thanks to Prof Gino Yu and Hanna Wirman for the invitation.

Protei TED talk slides

Here are the slides of my TED talk in a Google presentation format. Thanks so much for watching it.

The TED Talk (from the TED official website)

If you want to embed THE SLIDESHOW :

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ width=”500″ height=”404″ allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>

If you want to embed the THE TALK VIDEO :

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20140305 Lecture : School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Today I presented several works at the  School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, on the invitation of the brilliant Takuro Mizuta Lippit ak DJ Sniff. It was interesting to present to a young designer crowd and connect older art / design works I did to my current robotics research Protei– all creative to my point of view. Here are the slides. I highly recommend to pump up the volume and turn off the lights for the 2 first videos on Vimeo.

Thanks to all who came to attend the lecture.


20140303 How to draw your life on one paper. Past, present and future.

Yesterday I was grateful to be a keynote speaker at the GIN852 conference. It was the very first time in my life I was asked to speak about my life path. Am I that old already? :)
I was  overwhelmed to share so much about myself, I never felt so vulnerable. I hope that was helpful for the students and inspired them to find the courage they have in themselves to pursue what they believe is worthwhile.

In the 45 minutes presentation I explained about  how to “Draw your life in one page” – which is explained in details in the video above. Over the past few years I developed and simplified a visualization method to map what you have done in the past, where you are now, and how to move on forward. The whole drawing exercise generally take about 30 minutes to do – maybe a little more the first time you do it. For me, it’s been a life changing experience that helped me :

  • gain clarity
  • improved my confidence to take hard decisions and
  • make my life more meaningful for myself, others and hopefully the world (I mean Nature in my case).

I hope it will help you make sense of it all.  As of today 2014 March 3rd, this is my life drawing. Please share your life drawing with me.

The “Draw your life in one page” slides are here:

The GIN852 slides are here (many are similar slides):

About GIN852 : Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action: Hong Kong-wide Global Issues Network conference will be hosted by ICS on March 1- 2, 2014. Follow us @GIN_852 Description For the past years, the Global Issues Network (GIN) has been an ambitious worldwide event that brings schools around the world together, with the goal of empowering young people to collaborate and create solutions for global issues. However, we believe that international solutions should begin locally. 852 is the area code and also a colloquial term for Hong Kong. Hence, GIN852 both embodies the original international focus of GIN conferences and our unique local context. International Christian School will be hosting the 2nd GIN852 conference on March 1st and 2nd, 2014. The theme for the conference is “Sustainable Planning, Immediate Action.” It is our hope that the conference will provide a great opportunity for students all over HK to work together, learn, and build valuable relationships. Follow us on Twitter @GIN_852 Subscribe to us at

Protei at ARS Electronica Alhóndiga Bilbao

It’s our great honour for Protei to participate the exhibition “Artists As Catalysts” was curated by Ars Electronica Linz GmbH in partnership with Alhondíga in Bilbao/Spain. Find all pieces and artists on
Artists As Catalysts - Alhondíga, Bilbao, 2013

Teaser on the EXPORT-site:
Alhóndiga Bilbao:

20130504 UNICEF innovation talking about scalability

“Everything we build in New York, fails”, heard it 3 times at the event. Rad.
If we want Protei, or any other intentionally meaningful technology to impact the life of the People, it’s got to scale, according to Erica Kochi and Christopher Fabian of UNICEF Innovation. Want to see more of them, or how these principles work? Here. Captured at Unreasonable At State, 2013 05 03 in Washington DC.

  1. Build for your user: Simple and cheap
  2. Technology is just 5% of the solution
  3. Things given get lost, things own stay with people
  4. Design for Scale
  5. Create sustainable system
  6. Build Open and Adaptable
  7. High-Level decisions are not made on precision of information

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Principes for technology scalability in Developing world, UNICEF Innovation

Erica Kochi UNICEF

20130129 Akihabara, Flying Tokyo

Flying Tokyo #11


In the very last minute Gabriella Levine and myself were lucky enough to be invited to present Protei at Flying Tokyo, a small but high-profile event for New Media art. The artists below : Zachary Lieberman, Memo Atken and Daito Manabe all spoke for about 30 minutes each. I found a video for each but they are all very prolific artists with impressive portfolios, so please check their websites for more.

 Memo Akten :

Zack Lieberman :

Daito Manabe :

At this event it was also moving to see Kenichi OKADA and Tomoaki YANAGISAWA, we’re all three fron the same department of Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London UK, from different years.

Flying Tokyo, Media Art scene in Japan

I am big fan of Kenichi Okada’s work, so I had to add one video of his work above :) (With Chris Woebken).


Protei in Akihabara, with Prof Alvaro Cassinelli

Next stop after Flying Tokyo was diving in Akihabara electronic-crowded shops with dear friend and Assistant Professor Alvaro Cassinelli of the University of Tokyo. There is no end in how much one can explore the maze of Akihabara, not that it is vast, but it is dense.

Tour by Ian of Dangerous Prototypes of Akihabara the Geek Mecca.

Womanbot, in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

We met some very special women outside of Akihabara… Tokyo is crazy and it reminds us where Protei comes from : the intersection of art and science. We must come back soon !

TEDxParis 2012


Today, 2012 October 6th, Cesar Harada will represent Protei at TEDxParis, hosted by the Olympia.
The presentation in french will be recorded by Canal+ and broadcasted shortly on youtube.
The day is sold out, but you can attend a longer Protei presentation in Paris for free, October 10th at the ENSCI Paris.
Aujourd’hui, 6 Octobre 2012, Cesar Harada represente Protei a TEDxParis a l’Olympia.
La presentation en francais sera enregistree par Canal+ et rendue publique dans les prochains jours sur youtube.
TEDxParis n’a pas de tickets disponible mais il est possible d’assister a une presentation plus en détaillée et gratuite a l’ENSCI le 10 Octobre 2012.Keynote file available here for download (956MB):