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20130320 Daniel Epstein on TechCrunch about Unreasonable at Sea, from the sea

20130320 Daniel Epstein on Tech Cruntch


When we first heard about Daniel Epstein‘s plan to bring his Unreasonable Institute startup accelerator to the high seas with a 100 day, around-the-world sailing expedition called ‘Unreasonable At Sea,’ it frankly seemed like a pretty crazy idea. Let alone the risk of pirates (thereal kind, not the entrepreneurial kind), there are so many possible things that could go wrong for the 11 startups aboard the ship — bad Internet connections, seasickness, homesickness, and the like.

Unreasonable At Sea's around the world voyage

Unreasonable At Sea’s around the world voyage

So now that Unreasonable At Sea is more than halfway through its voyage (it started January 9th in San Diego and ends April 25th in Barcelona) we decided to check back in with Epstein for a TechCrunch TV talk yesterday morning to see how everything is coming along. For starters, the Internet connection is actually pretty solid, as we were able to see in the quality of our Skype chat as he was aboard the Unreasonable At Sea ship in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Mauritius. He told us that everything else is going just as swimmingly (sorry, I can never resist making some kind of water pun when writing about this endeavor.)

Watch the video embedded above to hear Epstein talk about the perks of the journey so far, how the startup folks are mingling with the Semester At Sea students aboard the ship (and getting some work out of them too), what the biggest lessons and surprises have been so far, and what’s in store for the rest of the journey ahead.

20130128 Protei meets Japanese translator Midori !

Meeting with Midori Katagiri, Japanese translator, THANK YOU !!!!

In Tokyo we had the luck of meeting with Japanese translator Midori Katagiri ! How amazing was it to meet the one that shares our adventures to so many friends and family members ! Midori is one of my closest friend in Japan, the daughter of my father’s best friend. So close I call Midori my cousin :) Midori is a talented painter that lives in Niigata, in the north of Japan, but she studied in London and worked in Paris for some time at the Cite Internationale des Arts.

Wonderful presents from my wonderful family in Japan!

We went for diner at her little sister Azusa near Yoyogi, had delicious gyoza only to remind me this moment last summer : in TechShop in San Francisco (photo above). The mother of Midori, Naomi had sent me a box full of Japanese snacks and delicacies. My big table at TechShop was covered with Japanese food, jealous eyes all around ;p


Let’s be Unreasonable in all languages around the world !!!

Call to translators !

Hello, my name is Cesar Harada, French-Japanese Ocean Roboticist and TED Senior Fellow. With my colleague Gabriella Levine of the Open-H2O community we are developing the Open Hardware Shape-Shifting Sailing Robot to explore and protect the Ocean called ““. We have the extreme privilege to have been selected by the Unreasonable Institute to develop the next generation of business hoping to impact the life of millions, mentored by an astounding group of world-class entrepreneurs and leaders, from Matt Mullenweg (WordPress) to Nobel Peace Laureate and Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  the Vice President of Business Development at Google Megan Smith and many more. And like this wasn’t exciting enough, we will do all of this on a ship, sailing around the world for 4 months, stopping in the most significants ports, meeting potential sponsors, investors/partners, government representatives , academics, non-profits, environmental activists and discovering local cultures. Wow :)

This is one in a lifetime adventure, we want to take you with us.
We need your help, as translator.
Together, we can share this amazing journey and inspire more people. 

January 6th 2013, we will depart from San Diego, heading to Ensenada in Mexico, than to Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, debarking in Spain April 28th 2013 … See the map  here. If you are in one of these places, we would love to meet you and -if you like- feature you in the blog! The languages of the journey : English (source), French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Burmese, Malayalam (Cochin India), Afrikaans, Akan (Ghana), Arab. And I dream of : Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Russian, Dutch, Urdu,  etc : all languages are welcome !

I would write  a few times a week, posting fotos, videos and texts from the mentors presentations on the topics of entrepreneurship, environmental observations, notes about the development of our business and technology (we’ll work on Open Hardware instruments for environmental measurements), travel anecdotes from the boat and the land, some short interviews. I will publish the original blog posts in english, I have set up the system to be multi-lingual so your articles will be easily accessible. Just send me an email with the post translated – and I will copy-paste it, with your credits and links of course – What about starting by translating this one :) ?

If you have more questions, please comment below | if you want to be part of this, email me :, easy.

The ocean is where all life comes from and is also the future of our societies may it come to food, energy, transport, information and security. We are developing an Open-Hardware technology that we hope will be a game changer to study and protect the oceans.
It is going to be quite a journey. Be part of it.

MIDEST the largest trade show of industrial subcontractors

A few days ago, I went to the MIDEST :

In french below :

  • 1 724 exposants présents en 2011
  • 39% d’exposants étrangers venus de 36 pays
  • 35 % de nouveaux exposants chaque année
  • 42 769 professionnels de tous les secteurs d’activité présents en 2011
  • 15% de donneurs d’ordres internationaux en moyenne venus de plus de 65 pays
  • Des pavillons toujours plus importants : 17 régions françaises et 30 représentants de pays ou régions étrangères
  • Plus de 50 organismes étrangers sont les partenaires actifs de Midest
  • 11 Villages Métiers en 2012 représentatifs des savoir-faire français : Électronique, Fixations Européennes, Fonderie, Forge, Informatique industrielle (Nouveau), Mise en forme des métaux, Plastiques / Composites, Caoutchouc, Traitement des matériaux, Transformation du Bois et Usinage / Machines spéciales.

I found many potential manufacturers for Protei :) Here are the super ugly and uber geeky snaps for the record :) Loved that place and the people, really.














Now I have a bag full of catalogs and references, so when our designs are ready i can chase many people for estimates :) YAY !

Protei around the world

I made these images to Promote Protei world tour with the Unreasonable at Sea :)
January to April 2013, Protei will sail all around the world and show up in these places. 2013 is going to be more than amazing for Protei and the Ocean.

Protei in San Diego

Protei in Hilo, Hawaii

Protei in Kobe, Japan

Protei in Shanghai

Protei in Singapore


Protei in Rangoon, Burma

Protei in Cochin, India

Protei in Port Louis, Mauritius

Protei in Cape Town, South Africa

Protei in Accra, Ghana

Protei in Casablanca, Morrocco

Protei in Barcelona, Spain

Protei in London, UK

Protei in Paris, France

Protei in New York, USA

Protei in San Francisco, USA

Protei in Berlin, Germany

Protei in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Protei in Oslo, Norway

Protei in Saint Malo, Britany, France

I made those images to be part of our sponsorship proposal (download here 8Mb). We are now looking for sponsors for Protei for 2013.
You can see and comment our version 20121106 here :
If you know someone, or a some big companies that could become Protei’s sponsors – please tell me, or even better, introduce me :



Unreasonable at Sea: The Epic Documentary

The incredible story of 11 brilliant tech companies circumnavigating the globe, attempting to solve the greatest problems of our time.
An Unreasonable Introduction: Hello, we are Unreasonable Media and we are not your standard production company. We are dedicated, blindly and exclusively, to leveraging the power of story-telling to shift paradigms and solve problems. We have a world-class team of over-caffeinated filmmakers, graphic designers, composers, photographers, cinematographers, audio engineers, writers, and producers. The common thread throughout our team of misfits and craftsmen is that we all feel at home when working at the convergence of story telling, film, impact, and entrepreneurship.We invite you to change the world with us by getting involved in our campaign.


The Official Unreasonable At Sea Documentary Poster

The Official Unreasonable At Sea Documentary Poster

Unreasonable at Sea Documentary Badge/StampUnreasonable at Sea Documentary Badge/Stamp

Personalized post card sent from a surprise destination along our voyage.

Personalized post card sent from a surprise destination along our voyage.

Lisbon escape

Cesar da navigata
For my 29th birthday we went to Lisbon, Portugal. Lovely to revisit and discover new places in this wonderful city of contrasts. A few pictures :)


Cascais, near Lisbon, Portugal
Lisboa to Cascais.

Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium

Highway tunnel

Parque das Nações, Alameda dos Oceanos, Lisbon, Portugal
Parque das Nações.



New nature

Exploring Alfama

Exploring Alfama

Exploring Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal